[03-13-20] Coping with the New Reality of Work – CISO Series Video Chat

OK, we’re all stressed out with the way our lives are changing because of the Coronavirus pandemic. We are still trying to work and yet we’re operating in a cloud of unknowns. Join me and your fellow cybersecurity leaders for an hour of learning from each other. Some of the issues are universal, but I’ll try to focus on issues that of greater concern to the cybersecurity industry.

I’m welcoming all of you to be a part of this conversation.


Here are some issues to consider.

  • What services are difficult if not impossible to accomplish?
  • Have you stress-tested a fully remote workforce? 
  • Are you shifting resources? (e.g., funding for live events dropping)
  • Are any opportunities arising during this time? How can you use this time to your advantage?
  • When this is top of mind with everyone, how do you approach regular business? (e.g., Do you feel that you shouldn’t be promoting certain things because it’s just bad timing?)

As always, we want lots of ideas, even the bad ones. We applaud bad ideas because they often lead to great ideas.

The CISO Series Video Chats are an open discussion where all viewers and listeners are welcome to become participants. Before the scheduled event, connect your webcam and microphone and test your equipment here. During the discussion, if you have a question or comment, let it be known in the chat room and our producer will do his best to get as many of you into the conversation. We look forward to you joining us.

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