Please join us on Friday, February 5th, 2021 for “Hacking Windows Security: An hour of critical thinking on securing servers, workstations, and Active Directory”.


Joining me for this discussion will be:

In just one hour we’re going to tackle as many issues under the Windows Security umbrella as humanly possible. Topics such as:

  • Hardening Windows servers, workstations, and Active Directory
  • Misconfigurations and how to reveal those issues.
  • When RDP (remote desktop protocol) and SMB (server message block) protocols are exposed
  • Common Windows exploits
  • A central way to look at systems
  • Collecting logs and why isn’t Windows already logging?

It all starts at 10 AM Pacific/1 PM Eastern. At the end of the hour [11 AM Pacific/2 PM Eastern] we’ll switch gears into a series of impromptu 1-on-1 five-minute meetings where everyone will be randomly paired. Nothing to prepare, we’ll do the matching.

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  • Best bad ideas get first responses in “Department of YES”.
  • Other bad ideas featured in “What’s Worse?!” game.
  • The BEST bad idea wins an award and a $25 Amazon gift card.

The CISO Series Video Chats are open discussion where all viewers and listeners are welcome to become participants. Before the scheduled event, connect your webcam and microphone (avoid Bluetooth) and test your equipment here. During the discussion, if you have a question or comment, let it be known in the chat room and our producer will do his best to get as many of you into the conversation. We look forward to you joining us.