Please join us on April 17th, 2020 at 10 AM PT/1 PM ET for the triumphant return of the CISO Series Video Chats, “Hacking Zero Trust: An hour of critical thinking on what it means to always verify access to people, data, and networks.”


Joining moderator me, David Spark (@dspark), producer, CISO Series, will be:

If you’ve never been a part of one of our CISO Series Video Chats, please join. While I have two fantastic experts to lead our discussion, ANYONE can and should participate in just the chat room, or live on video as a part of our discussion. I know you’ve all had plenty of time in front of the webcam, so join our unique conversation where we ENCOURAGE and even applaud bad ideas because they often lead to great ideas. We want you to be a part of some serious out of the box thinking (and fun) on this subject.

Start thinking about the following:

  • What current security postures are antithetical to the zero trust model?
  • What is an area of zero trust that a lot of cybersecurity leaders don’t think about, but should? 
  • Zero trust requires a constant stream of verification. How often, and at what point does that effort limit productivity? Where have you seen zero trust efforts backfire?
  • How do you need to get your stakeholders involved in such a process? What type of unique needs would they have that could alter your design?

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The CISO Series Video Chats are an open discussion where all viewers and listeners are welcome to become participants. Before the scheduled event, connect your webcam and microphone and test your equipment here. During the discussion, if you have a question or comment, let it be known in the chat room and our producer will do his best to get as many of you into the conversation. We look forward to you joining us.

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