4 Explanations of the Economics of Email Fraud in 90 Seconds – Super Cyber Friday

Here is DJ Sampath (@djsampath), co-founder & CEO, Armorblox, very deftly providing varied explanations of the real financial impact email fraud can cause.

It’s all a tease for an upcoming Monday edition of Super Cyber Friday, that’s going to be happening live in person in San Francisco on June 6th, 2022. Whole day starts at 1 PM PT, and the Super Cyber Friday event starts at 2pm PT.

Please join us online or in person on June 6th, 2022 for a special Monday edition of Super Cyber Friday. We’ll be live and in person at the Microsoft Reactor space in San Francisco.

If you can be there in person, go here to register.

If you’re going to join the virtual event, register here.

Our topic of discussion will be “Hacking Economics of Email Fraud: An hour of critical thinking on how InfoSec professionals should manage the financial impact on the business.”

Joining me and DJ for this discussion will be:

It all starts at 5:00pm PM Eastern/2:00 PM Pacific. After that we’ll roll into a salon-style discussion with the in-person audience.

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