Join us for “Hacking the Visibility of the Cloud: An hour of critical thinking about what we can see and what we’d like to see in the cloud”.

It’s happening on Friday, May 15th, 2020 at 10 AM Pacific/1 PM Eastern.


Visibility into the cloud is an ongoing issue for security professionals. Not seeing detailed activity reports of applications, users, network traffic, and data imposes new risks of vulnerabilities, potential misconfigurations, and insecure access control. It makes their job difficult if not impossible. 

Thankfully, an outcropping of tools offer visibility into cloud behavior. That’s step one. Now, how do security professionals use this newfound knowledge while adhering to the reasons the company shifted to the cloud in the first place – to move fast and grow.

Leading the discussion will be:

And anyone else who joins us in the chat. This discussion is dynamic. We want your thoughts and questions to be part of the programming.

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In preparation for our discussion, start thinking about the following:

  • Why is visibility in the cloud so critical?
  • What can we and can’t we see in the cloud?
  • What visibility does security need to better interface with DevOps?
  • What’s the cost of not getting visibility? How do companies compensate?

As always, we want lots of ideas, even the bad ones. We applaud bad ideas because they often lead to great ideas. Start thinking now because we will award the best bad idea that generates the most conversation.

The CISO Series Video Chats are open discussion where all viewers and listeners are welcome to become participants. Before the scheduled event, connect your webcam and microphone and test your equipment here. During the discussion, if you have a question or comment, let it be known in the chat room and our producer will do his best to get as many of you into the conversation. We look forward to you joining us.