[6-6-22] “Hacking Economics of Email Fraud” – Super Cyber Friday (Monday Edition)

Please join us online or in person on June 6th, 2022 for a special Monday edition of Super Cyber Friday. We’ll be live and in person at the Microsoft Reactor space in San Francisco.

If you can be there in person, go here to register. For everyone else who can join us online, do it right here.

If you’re going to join the virtual event, register here.

Our topic of discussion will be “Hacking Economics of Email Fraud: An hour of critical thinking on how InfoSec professionals should manage the financial impact on the business.”

Joining me for this discussion will be:

In preparation for our discussion, think about the following:

  • How involved is the cyber team in understanding the financial impact of their work?
  • What are the variables to consider? (e.g., impact of cyberthreats, investing in innovative technologies that reduce risk, investing in best of breed vs. integrated stack)
  • How does the cyber team determine their riskiest digital communications? Which is the most potent: business email compromise (BEC), phishing, impersonation, and smishing?
  • Once you know where your risky communications are, how do you plan for it with a security stack that’s cost effective?
  • And given that no security program is perfect, how does cyber insurance come into play when your security controls fail?
  • Traditionally the incentive of lower premiums often drives people to have more secure behavior. Could cyber insurance be a leader in changing behavior?

It all starts at 5:00pm PM Eastern/2:00 PM Pacific. After that we’ll roll into a salon-style discussion with the in-person audience.

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  • Best bad ideas get first responses in “Department of YES.”
  • The BEST bad idea wins an award and a really awesome CISO Series jacket. Also, if you register early by the Tuesday (5pm PT) of that week’s video chat, you will be entered into a raffle where one lucky register will win a jacket (Winners must be US residents. Repeat winners get a $25 Amazon gift card).

Super Cyber Fridays are open discussions where all viewers and listeners are welcome to become participants.