Best moments from “Hacking Asset Management” – CISO Series Video Chat

Here is a quick five minute video full of our best moments from “Hacking Asset Management: An hour of critical thinking about figuring out what you have at all times.”

Our guests for this discussion were:

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Best Bad Idea

Congrats to Carlota Sage, vCISO principal, Fractional CISO for winning this week’s Best Bad Idea!

Other honorable mentions go to:

“Make sure to plug in every USB drive you find so you can track it as an asset.” – Kevin Hakanson, sr. solutions architect, AWS

“Use a Roomba map to show all the assets it found.” – Ted Bardusch, CTO, Termly

“Use 100% ephemeral assets so there is nothing to track.” – Kevin Hakanson, sr. solutions architect, AWS

“Publish your asset inventory to the public to encourage someone to buy your company.” – Phil Wolff, co-founder, Wider Team

“Tattoo barcodes on your employees with all assets assigned to them and then require them to scan in everyday.” – Ryan Cummings, CISO, Meru Health

10 percent better

“Enlist your accounting departments into asset management. This will not only help discover hardware assets being purchased outside of IT streams, but also shadow IT services being used.” – Brian Colt, information security engineer, DASH Financial Technologies

“Implement Network Access Control for both wired and wireless networks to prevent rogue devices (including I/OT) from accessing your network. Users will then need to go through IT / Security to “make it work” and the devices can be added to Asset Management.” – Brian Colt, information security engineer, DASH Financial Technologies

“Get more aggressive about end of life for assets. Reduce liability of assets that shouldn’t be on the network any longer.” – Duane Gran, director, information systems and security, Blue Ridge ESOP Associates