Here’s a six minutes highlights video of the best moments from last week’s CISO Series Video Chat “Hacking Board Metrics: An hour of critical thinking about improving executive communications for better decision making”.

Our guests for this discussion were:

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Best Bad Idea

Congrats to Matt Black, director, information security, Total Expert for winning this weeks Best Bad Idea.

Other honorable mentions go to:

“Let each vendor present metrics from their tool to your board.” – Matthew Thomson, principal consultant, Skyline Technologies

“Show metrics of individual board member’s click through on phishing emails” – Drew Brown, IT security manager, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

“Appoint the ‘SolarWinds intern’ to your board so you can fire them when a breach happens.” – Kira Wojack, consultant

“Treat all board meetings like the party game “Two Truths and a Lie” when giving metrics.” – Kevin Hakanson, principal cloud solutions architect, OpsCompass

“Plagiarize another organization’s metrics, claim them as your own” – Drew Brown, IT security manager, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

“Graphics showing board metrics should be in the style of M.C. Escher’s impossible perspectives.” – Kevin Hakanson, principal cloud solutions architect, OpsCompass

“Reveal your cybersecurity metrics by embedding them in Fortune Cookies and passing them around during the Board meeting.” – Richard Uhunmwagho, head, business information security, Emirates NBD

Best quotes from the chatroom

“An incident is inevitable. Treat it as a blessing in disguise, if possible, and as an opportunity to showcase your leadership skills.” – Sandeep Kamble, founder and product manager, AuthSafe

“You have to have the courage, and the environment, to genuinely recognize things that are not in a good state.” – Chase Pettet, lead product security architect, Mirantis

“When you are invited to the Board, the reason you are there is to help Decision Making… and decision making is usually done in ‘Money Terms’, because most decision-makers are ‘Finance, Legal and such, not Tech'” – Eli Migdal, CEO, Boardish

“My advice: Put Likelihood / Probability aside, Quantify the Threat cost and work on your communication skills with the Board on ‘What do you need for mitigating it’ , make it simple and clear.” – Eli Migdal, CEO, Boardish