Here are six minutes of the best moments of CISO Series Video Chat, “Hacking Cloud Collaboration Tools: An hour of critical thinking around securing apps like Google Workspace and Office 365”.

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Our guests for this discussion were:

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Best Bad Ideas

Congrats once again to Kevin Hakanson, principal cloud solutions architect, OpsCompass for winning this week’s Best Bad Idea.

Other honorable mentions go to:

“Classify cloud data with colors that don’t correlate to anything (e.g. puce, lemon, taupe)” – Ian Poynter, consultant

“Let users use whatever collaboration tools they want as long as they add the company confidentiality” – Mathew Biby, CISO, Satcom Direct

“Move all collaboration tools on-prem to avoid any cloud security issues.” – Andrew Aken, zero trust lead technical architect, Twitter

Best quotes from the chatroom

“Can we encourage users to self-audit? I used to have lists of “you shared these files externally” sent to users (with an opt-out) and they were quite good at self policing.” – Ian Poynter, consultant

“From my experience, GDPR made auto-classification much easier. Made PII easy to identify and you can always blame GDPR on ‘why it got classified’.” – Eli Migdal, CEO, Boardish

“The personal account thing is a real issue, especially with organizations that don’t have a policy for giving contractors their own email accounts. It makes it hard to know who’s supposed to have access to a document.” – Kira Wojack, marketing and PR consultant

“When you show users a list of files they’ve been sharing externally, they always question their own decisions.” – Ian Poynter, consultant