Here are seven minutes of the best moments from “Hacking Cyber Diversity: An hour of critical thinking on hiring diverse staff and using that to improve security and your competitive advantage”.

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Best quotes from the chat room

“Not a real fan of ‘blind resumes.’ If you actually seek out diversity, this may be counter-productive.” – Andrew Aken, cyber security consulting manager, Deloitte

“We have to change the process entirely. I’m searching for competencies (which transfer from prior roles) and not just education and certs.” – Dutch Schwartz, strategic lead, AWS Global Security Services Team

“I think very often diversity is misunderstood. Many companies and people think diversity is about hiring women. I do think diversity is about making everybody heard.” – Davide Del Vecchio, CISO, Deltatre

“I also think that inclusion has to be visible to potential candidates, to encourage them to join the team.” – Ian Poynter, consultant

“Mental safety is the first priority of teamwork I think and it’s difficult for me to feel safe if I see other’s being demeaned.” – Chase Pettet, staff security architect, Wikimedia Foundation