Here are six minutes of the best moments from our recent CISO Series Video Chat, “Hacking Cyber Media: An hour of critical thinking about how media companies are reporting on cyber news”.

Joining me in this discussion were:

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Best Bad Ideas

Matthew Thomson, principal consultant, cybersecurity for Skyline technologies takes top prize for best bad idea, but we have a few more notable honorable mentions.

“Get your cybersecurity news from the Ladies Home Journal and Garden & Gun.” – Ian Poynter, consultant

“Publishing a cyber story requires a cryptocurrency payment on a blockchain. Once published everyone that shares gets a cut of the profit.” – Kevin Hakanson, principal cloud solutions architect, OpsCompass

“Store all cyber podcasts on 8-track tape.” – Dustin Sachs, manager, information security, Performance Food Group

Best quotes from the chat room

“Disinformation is very hard to combat. It spreads through people who aren’t knowingly participating in a disinformation campaign. So basically it makes people troll without knowing they’re trolling.” – Kira Wojack, marketing consultant

“I don’t think ‘cybersecurity expert on XXX topic’ is a title that has to be exclusive to one person. We can all be experts on a topic, as long as you actually DO know something.” – Paul Lanzi, COO, Remediant

“Non-cyber folks may never seek out information about cybersecurity. We have to meet them where they are in a language they already understand.” – Melanie Ensign, CEO, Discernible

“The ‘truth’ is that no one is really an expert. You may be an expert for one subject for one hour. An hour later your knowledge is obsolete, so no one is really an expert.” – Eli Migdal, CEO, Boardish

“The day I consider myself an expert is the day I stop trying to learn as much as I can which will be the day before I become irrelevant.” – Andrew Aken, zero trust lead technical architect, Twitter