Best moments from “Hacking Cyber Risk Quantification” – CISO Series Video Chat

Here are 6 minute minutes of our best moments from CISO Series Video Chat: “Hacking Cyber Risk Quantification: An hour of critical thinking about how to measure your company’s exposure.”

Our guests for this discussion were:

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Best Bad Idea

Congrats to Drew Brown, information system security developer, Federal Aviation Administration for winning this week’s Best Bad Idea.

Other honorable mentions go to:

“Assume everything is a risk and don’t allow anyone to do anything without direct verbal permission from the CEO.” – Larry Rosen, manager, security advisory, Avanade

“Let the competition tell you your risk.” – Drew Brown, information system security developer, Federal Aviation Administration

“The more security products you purchase is the best way to lower your risk.” – Dave Baideme, corporate director of information security & compliance, Canyon Ranch

“Play hot potato weekly with your C Suite…who ever lands with the potato owns ALL the risk for that week.” – Mario Simic, lead security strategist, AWS global security services, AWS

“Delete logs daily so you never record a breach or incident.” – Charles Payne, cyber security engineer

10 percent better

“Request each business group to list their most important IT system and its contribution to the company’s success.” – Roland Mueller, self-employed

“Look at your enterprise and assign risk ratings to teams/staff based on their access/use of corporate resources… i.e. your facilities staff are barely ever on a computer so the risk of them introducing a malicious event is lower than your administrative assistant that is filtering through all or your CEO’s email.” – Craig Hurter, director security operations, Colorado Governor’s Office of Information Technology

“Any OpEx large enough to require CEO approval has security enablement built in.” – Dutch Schwartz, principal security specialist, AWS

Quotes from the chat room

“Insurance = based on past data = has ZERO relevance for Cyber Threats which are ZERODAY by design = FAIR = doesn’t work” – Eli Migdal, CEO, Boardish

“I totally agree, most are not risk experts but I think its our job to make it a clear communication exercise. Any C-level usually knows how to manage risk, ROI and such ( at least they need to know :-)).” – Eli Migdal, CEO, Boardish

“We can’t quantify the risk because we don’t do asset management.” – Paul Forst, senior manager, information security, The Bountiful Company

“Cyber insurance is failing due to lack of standard risk engineering that insurance applies to other policy lines.” – Brian Haugli, founder & CEO,