Here’s a six minute highlights video of CISO Series Video Chat “Hacking Distractions: An hour of critical thinking of what we should stop paying attention to in security.”

Our guests for this discussion were:

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Best Bad Ideas

Congratulations to Kevin Hakanson, sr. solutions architect, AWS for winning this week’s Best Bad Ideas!

Other honorable mentions go to:

“Lock your SOC team into a socially distanced windowless blank void of a room with only linux workstations and Amazon pee bottles and no cell phones so that they can focus only on the IOCs” – Andrew Aken, zero trust lead technical architect, Twitter

“Imagine a world where everyone defaults meetings to 1 hour long, and everyone is half paying attention while responding to email and text messages and, invariably, a decision gets made in the 59th minute, leaving people with no time to document outcomes/next steps (which will soon be forgotten), no bathroom break before dialing in 5 mins late for their next meeting. Oh sorry, that is the world we live in…. but it doesn’t make it any less of a bad idea!” – Sean Kelly, manager – enterprise information risk assurance, BlueCross BlueShield of Western New York

“Give all your analysts meth to make them hyper-focused” – John Prokap, leader, IT security & compliance, Success Academy Charter Schools

“Send email to whole organization asking for everyone’s input on your security alerts, vulnerability scans and risk findings/remediation’s items for their input on next steps.” – Mathew Biby, CISO, Satcom Direct

Good Strategies

“Talk to your key business leaders. Make sure they are part of the solution and help you prioritize.” – Joshua Scott, head of information security & IT, Postman

“Collapse your tool landscape instead of constantly expanding it.” – Mike Wilkes, CISO, SecurityScorecard

“Model the threats. Prioritize. Focus on key threats first.” – Jakub Kaluzny, senior IT security consultant, SecuRing

“Make goals/objectives explicit and prioritize accordingly. Communicate those to all team members and other department heads. Then act as a “human firewall” between the org. and your personnel to provide them time and resources to accomplish.” – Brian Colt, IT administrator, Dash

“Dedicate one Friday a month to no meetings and learning something new so that you are giving your team time to evolve as the threat landscape evolves rather than always being reactionary.” – Samantha Phillips, VP sales strategic accounts, Yubico

“Focus on outcomes, rather than specific solutions.” – Joshua Scott, head of information security & IT, Postman

Best quotes from the chatroom

“If you are executing on the “fundamentals” you are less likely to be distracted by other things (0-days, etc.).” – Mathew Biby, CISO, Satcom Direct

“In some instances, we security folks are the one creating the biggest distractions focusing too much on 100% security rather than “good enough”.” – Mathew Biby, CISO, Satcom Direct