Best moments from “Hacking Economics of Email Fraud” – Super Cyber Friday (Monday Edition)

Here is a compilation from our special in-person of Super Cyber Friday where our topic was “Hacking Economics of Email Fraud: An hour of critical thinking on how InfoSec professionals should manage the financial impact on the business.”

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Our guests for this discussion were:

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Best Bad Idea

Congrats to Dutch Schwartz, principal security specialist, AWS for winning this week’s Best Bad Idea.

Other honorable mentions go to:

“Forward all suspicious emails to everyone in the company so they can see an example of one!” – Valarie Apperson, copywriter

“Transfer all email communications to well trained carrier pigeons” – Hadas Cassorla, CISO, M1

10 percent better

“Get rid of incoming email for people who don’t really need it (e.g., customer support uses zendesk… why do they need external available email?)” – Hadas Cassorla, CISO, M1

“Enforce signing keys within an organization and block unsigned messages.” – Jim Nitterauer, director information security, Graylog, Inc.

“Reward and thank employees that correctly report dangerous phish attempts.” Chris Patteson, CTO/CISO, The FRONTdoor Collective

Quotes from the chat room

“You have to teach people the value of their work. Then they become more engaged in it and make better decisions.” – Hadas Cassorla, CISO, M1

“On the delayed review of email, George Finney did research that confirmed you are more thoughtful when you frown while reading emails and also that the time of day impacts how much people click and links.” – Dutch Schwartz, principal security specialist, AWS

“It’s a good idea to encourage and incentivize ALL suspicious email, not just the real bad ones. And do not stigmatize or blame people who get tricked.” – David Peach, founder, principal, Illuminate Risk