Here are seven minutes of the best moments of last week’s “Hacking Passwords: An hour of critical thinking on eliminating password failure and improving access”.

Joining me were:

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We had 16 bad ideas, but the absolute best one goes to Philip Beyer, vp, security engineering at Global Payments for his savvy bad idea that weaves work life into personal life: “Your password can only be the name of your dog. If your password is compromised, you have to change the name of your dog.”

Most of the bad ideas cycled around everyone using the same password. But here are a few other notable bad ideas:

“Use your street name and pet’s name as your password for everything, write it down, take a picture, save file as PASSWORD, then upload to an unencrypted free cloud service… then wait.” – Dutch Schwartz, AWS

“Have employee password list posted in the office lobby.” Shawn Bowen, CISO, Restaurant Brands International

Best quotes from the chat room

“I tell people that if they use the same password everywhere then when leaks their password (oops!), there are robots that attempt all other sites with that leaked password and their important accounts with the same password will be compromised.” – Jeff Costlow, ExtraHop

“I really loved Ori’s approach. You don’t sell a ‘silver bullet’. You sell/pitch an actual solution, including what ‘it cant do’.” – Eli Migdal, Boardish

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