Here’s a six minute highlight reel of last week’s CISO Series Video Chat: “Hacking Privileged Identities Gone Bad: An hour of critical thinking about accidental and malicious behavior from humans and machines causing havoc in the cloud”.

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Joining me in this discussion was:

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Best Bad Ideas

“Change a shared admin account password for users per a request, so just the last user request has it.” – Wil Tulaba, senior security administrator, Cognex Corporation

“Play ‘Chutes & Ladders’ as a drinking game. Every time you slide down a chute you must change your PAM vendor.” – Dutch Schwartz, strategic lead, AWS Global Security Services Team, AWS

Best quotes from the chat room

“AI bias is definitely a huge issue and can reflect human bias- it all depends what sort of data the algorithms are trained and tuned on.” – Mel Cox, director of sales, Continuity Focus

“High level execs should not have access to a lot of corporate data. I don’t have access to customer data and I should not. Only operation folk.” – Jeff Costlow, deputy CISO, ExtraHop

“I think PAM is MORE about process than the tech used. Tech can help but does not take the place of functional role based access for general users, privilege users and the process a you use to define who needs access to what, for how long and implementing reviews on a defined cadence.” Mathew Biby, CISO, Satcom Direct