Here are the highlights from “Hacking Rogue IT” Video Chat. To watch the full video and read the chat go here.

This video chat features me, David Spark and:

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Winner of “Department of YES”

While we’re still asking for bad ideas and giving away a prize ($25 Amazon gift card) for the best bad idea, we have decided to call the game the “Department of YES”. No idea, no matter how horrible, will be rejected. Our guests will find a reason to do every bad idea.

As predicted, this week’s winner comes back to regain his crown. Dutch Schwartz of AWS hit it out of the park with this spectacular bad idea: “Everyone gets to be CISO for one day and during their tenure they approve/deny whatever they like.”

And here are a few honorable mentions:

“Punish shadow IT organizations by denying them federated administration over enterprise-wide platforms.” – Paul Lanzi, COO, Remediant

“Defund IT and just go Zero trust and let people buy all the tools that they want.” – Chris Foulon, GRIMM

Best quotes from the chat room

“I’ve seen too many organizations see asset tracking as too cumbersome or not ‘agile’ enough. That leads to rogue IT as a default just through entropy over time.” – Rick Woodward, Dominion Energy

“Shadow IT is almost always by default attempts to steer the ship from underneath.” – Chase Pettet, Wikimedia Foundation

“Using the phrase ‘shadow IT’ in of itself shapes our thinking. It’s IT that your people use.” – Dutch Schwartz, AWS

“Shadow IT is a failure in tech strategy and governance, a breach is just one of many potential consequences.” – Simon Goldsmith, adidas

“Rogue IT is like an appendage, you have it and must take care of it, even if you don’t want it.” – Mark Butler, MegaplanIT

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