Best moments from “Hacking Security Reporting”

Here is a six minute video full of great moments from “Hacking Security Reporting: An hour of critical thinking about producing, reading, responding, and repeating the process of understanding your security posture.”

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Our guests for this discussion were:

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Best Bad Idea

Congrats to Brian Colt, information security engineer, DASH Financial Technologies for winning this week’s Best Bad Idea.

Other honorable mentions go to:

“Use baseball signals for security reporting.” – Valarie Apperson, copywriter, SAMSUNG SDS

“Write out your key metrics using homemade invisible ink. Send to the board along with lemon juice and a note ‘I’ll give you the other ingredient if you make the CEO give me my budget for Next Gen Quantum-powered AI XDR.'” – Dutch Schwartz, principal security specialist, AWS

“Create a 47 slide PowerPoint deck and walk the board through every possible framework and report card (NIST CSF, COSO, ITIL, ISO27k, HIPAA, 800-53 MITRE, GDPR, and CCPA). At the end of each slide say, ‘but wait, there’s MORE!'” – Dutch Schwartz, principal security specialist, AWS

“Use automated responses for the first 80% of reports. Chances are some of them will be right! Time saver!” – Valarie Apperson, copywriter, SAMSUNG SDS

10 percent better

“Make sure your reporting metrics contain previous values to show trend and direction for the metric. Example: quarterly board reporting should also show previous quarterly metrics (as percentages).” – Mike Wilkes, CISO, SecurityScorecard

“Find a way to relate what you’re reporting to another departments interest. e.g. how this helps the CFO, the Sales department, or HR.” – Matt Black, director information security, Minted

“Create templates for your reports and stick to them. This will streamline report creation and enable better communication to the board.” – Brian Colt, information security engineer, DASH Financial Technologies

Quotes from the chat room

“I would theorize that sometimes LOB owners are not always the right people to accept/reject risk. It depends on the risks impact.” – Mathew Biby, CISO, Satcom Direct