Highlights from “Hacking the Security Stack” Video Chat. To watch the full video go here.

I moderated a discussion on Friday, 05-01-20 with Gary Harbison, vp, global CISO, Bayer and Jason Clark, chief strategy and marketing officer, Netskope.

Plus, you’ll see a couple of appearance by Elliot Lewis of Keyavi Data and Drew Brown of Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Huge thanks to everyone who participated, and see below for the best quotes from the chat room. But first…

Winner of the best bad idea

This was phenomenal and far more that I expected. We have 15 bad ideas and unfortunately we didn’t have time to discuss them all. Six of those bad ideas were Dutch Schwartz’s, who was our two-time winner from the last two weeks.

But, I’m awarding this week’s bad idea to Rick Woodward of Dominion Energy. His idea was to “Design your security stack using machine learning to virtually create, hack, tweak, and design your security stack.”

While not truly the worst idea, the conversation that ensued actually spoke of where machine learning can be beneficial in developing the security stack.

Honorable mention to Eli Migdal of Boardish who suggested, “Let marketing solve security problems.”

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Huge thanks to our video chat sponsor, Netskope

Best quotes from the chat room

“Good architecture, even in cloud-first, promotes business efficiency over time” – Carlota Sage, vCISO

“Sometimes it’s worth reinventing the wheel. We might be protecting against things that aren’t viable anymore (like PW rotation). Opening the flood gates might help give a fresh view on what’s actually important today.” – Rick Woodward, senior information security analyst, Dominion Energy

“If you map your required capabilities and where you need them, it helps map them to what tools you have in your tool box and to address gaps” – Erik Bloch, director, security product and program information, Salesforce

“The vendors are not looking at it from our lens. Their incentive is to ‘land and expand’ and that means controlling the narrative of the client’s strategy.” – Elliot Lewis, CEO Keyavi Data

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