Best moments from Hacking the SOC (Security Operations Center) – Super Cyber Friday

Here is some of our best moments from Super Cyber Friday “Hacking the SOC (Security Operations Center): An hour of critical thinking about what keeps SOC employees motivated.”

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Our guests for this discussion were

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Best Bad Ideas

Congrates to Valarie Apperson, copywriter for winning this week’s Best Bad Idea.

Other honorable mentions go to:

“Open ALL your ports. It will look like a honey pot and bad actors will ignore you.” – Steward Sandstrom, manager – GRC, Illinois Department of Innovation & Technology

“Feed every false alarm into your firewall as another DENY rule. Soon, traffic drops and the load is manageable.” – Ted Bardusch, vCISO, self-employed

“Use the number of tickets investigated and closed as the basis of your SOC analysts’ salaries.” – Brian Colt, information security engineer, DASH Financial Technologies

“Deploy a SOC that only works business hours.” – Paul Watts, distinguished analyst, Information Security Forum

10 percent better

“Make sure your SOC staff can work on other projects they enjoy periodically to get some variety and relief.” – Duane Gran, corporate director of information security, Converge Technology Solutions Corp.

“Continuous SOC employee training and development – ON COMPANY TIME” – Brian Colt, information security engineer, DASH Financial Technologies

Quote from the chat room

“SOC personnel should be 80% on the desk and 20% on projects. This avoids burnout but also keeps employees engaged.” – Brian Colt, information security engineer, DASH Financial Technologies

“Think about the challenges that working in an environment that has classified data and access. Sometimes the background checks are prohibitive to using an outsourced SOC solution” – Craig Hurter, director security operations, Colorado Governor’s Office of Information Technology