Here are some great highlights from “Hacking the Speed of Business: An hour of critical thinking on how security can keep up with accelerating business growth.”

Our guest for this chat were:

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Best Bad Idea

Congrats to Tom Wilcox, board member, cyber security board, Mercy Medical Center for winning this week’s Best Bad Idea!

Other honorable mentions go to:

” Instead of keeping up with the business, let’s slow the business down with intentional periodic outages to make it easier for security to be slow and inefficient.” – Chase Pettet, lead product security architect, Mirantis

“All new hires start in the mail room!” – Justin Bortnick, vice president of sales engineering west, Digital Guardian

“Tighten security control and ensure business suffer so you negotiate a budget for cybersecurity.” – Thato Jordan, CEO, DigitalGae Technologies

“Use a delorean with a flux-time-capacitor to go to the future to see the outcomes of our decisions so as to head them off.” – Craig Hurter, director of security operations, Colorado Governor’s Office of Information Technology

Best Strategies

“Facilitate a culture which embraces security in all processes (business and technical). Do not let security be adversarial.” – Brian Colt, information security engineer, DASH Financial Technologies

“Know your business and what is valuable/essential. Protect and enable those valuable assets and processes. Remember why we exist.” – Joshua Scott, head of information security & IT, Postman

“Create the mindset that IT and Security are a force multiplier in the organization. We aren’t here to make things impossible. We are here to make things better, faster, stronger, and more secure.” – Brian Colt, information security engineer, DASH Financial Technologies

“Get the entire organization to add security into their vision and mission statement in order to help align and integrate that security is a mindset and contributor not a hindrance to the day to day ” – Kenneth Strickbine, IT service center manager of the solutions group, Matrix Absence Management

Quotes from the chatroom

“My policy is to give out challenge coins, which include a bonus to their pay in various ways – all for finding staged, and non-staged, security issues.” – Sandor Slijderink, president of operations, GO! Residency

“I want employees to be focused on their respective jobs. I don’t want security to be another source of work for employees.” – Joshua Scott, head of information security & IT, Postman