Here are seven minutes of the best moments from “Hacking Tool Optimization: An hour of critical thinking on improving the efficiency of your security products”.

To watch the entire video chat and see the discussion, go here.

Joining me in the discussion were Chris Kennedy, CISO, AttackIQ and Craig Goodwin (@mrcraiggoodwin), chief trust & risk officer, Fujitsu.

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Winner of “Department of YES”

Winner of BEST BAD IDEA, Matthew Thomson, vp, IT security, Community First Credit Union – Appleton Wisconsin

Honorable bad ideas:

“Buy all your security tools from whichever company the CEO’s spouse has heard of.” – Ian Poynter

“Buy different vendors for every layer because ‘WHAT IF THEY ARE HACKED?’ The more vendors you use the safer you are.” – Chase Pettet, Wikimedia Foundation

“If one tool is good, more is better.” – Matthew J. Winkeler

Best quotes from the chat room

“I think as an industry we have outside influences that push us to purchase tools to ‘fix’ the problems, but really they create more care and feeding. We see so much of the marketing of what each tool can do and how it can integrate with everything else we have, however we don’t plan the projects out enough to actually use all those integrations before we’re moving onto the next product.” – Matthew Thomson, vp, IT security, Community First Credit Union – Appleton Wisconsin

“It’s amazing how many tools one will find that don’t actually fill any of the requirements, especially in organizations that acquire first and ask questions later.” – Ian Poynter

“The moment you purchase tech, you are at a negative ROI, you don’t have positive ROI until you can prove a level of protection from a control.” – Dan Holden, The Home Depot

“Some people don’t know the purpose, so they might not know the problem which they solving for. Bringing tools when you don’t understand the problem is a flawed implementation from the beginning.” – Christophe Foulon, GRIMM

“You need to constantly optimize your Risk and Risk Quantification, a tool can be fully optimized but the RISK increased X3 , just see what is happening with Ransomware in the last months , the ‘mid level’ fully optimized tool are barely cutting it, optimization must be from both Tools and Risks, constantly adjusting.” – Eli Migdal, Boardish

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