Here are the highlights from “Hacking Zero Budget Security” Video Chat. To watch the full video and read the chat go here.

I moderated the discussion with:

Winner of the best bad idea

We had a total of 15 bad ideas during this video chat and the winner for the bad idea is Ian Poynter for this bad idea that also got the most votes: “Let’s fire all the security people and have DevOps do it all.”

Honorable mention also to Eli Migdal, CEO, Boardish for his suggestion that he’s actually witnessed: “Get your most medium level engineer to build the most critical system 2-3 years before their retirement.”

Plus, a tip of the hat to bad idea from David Lagace, sr. manager, InfoSec, Telecon: “Install any and all security scripts & software as soon as they come out and especially if they’re from unverified git repos. Many tools will make sure you’re protected!”

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Best quotes from the chat room

“I have seen so many ‘zero budget tools’ that are so costly in human hours, both to install and then to manage and then usually to fix and ‘find a better’ solution, in our field ‘human cost’ is more expensive in many cases than ‘tool cost’.” – Eli Migdal, CEO, Boardish

“I’ve seen bloated security departments. Often it’s folks maintaining stop gap solutions that aren’t ideal. The resistance to replacing the stop gap solutions with something more efficient comes from the fact that it would eliminate those jobs” – Rick Woodward, senior InfoSec analyst, Dominion Energy

“Similarity helps you go fast; diversity helps you go far.” – Bryn Ossa, product evangelist, Elevate Security

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