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CISOs’ difficulty communicating with the board is an ongoing issue. Every time we bring it up on CISO Series there’s a chorus of recommendations on how to handle it best. The advice heard most often is “speak in their language.”

At Cybertech 2020, I chatted with Eli Migdal (@MigdalEli), founder of Boardish, on his solution that aims to do exactly that. Assuming that the board’s basis of communications is financial, Boardish offers a solution to quantify the cost of breaches with the cost of security solutions to allow the board to come to decisions faster. Fifty percent faster, said Migdal of the CISOs who are currently using his solution.

You should be skeptical, and that’s why Migdal suggests testing out his solution with a proof-of-concept (POC) using historical data – numbers you know to be correct. That way you’ll have better confidence with future decision making estimates. For more, go to

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Boardish allows you to translate your information on threats and solutions into clear financial risk figures and full solution costs for decision-makers. Quantifying and simplifying the impact of threats, and solution combinations into a clear dashboard. Allowing for a quick breakdown of various threat vectors both on-prem and cloud.

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