Data Classification Is the Key to Your Data Security Efforts

Why is data classification such a critical keystone? “It helps you quantify where your risk is”, said Matt Radolec, sr. director incident response and cloud operations, Varonis. “If you’re trying to figure out, ‘Where is your risk, Where should you apply controls?’, a good place to start is classifying your data and figuring out where that breach risk is.”

In this video, Matt and I talk about the importance of data classification all as a tease for our chat we’re going to be having this Friday (June 9th, 2023) for Super Cyber Friday: “Hacking Data Loss: An hour of critical thinking about improving the marriage between data security and cybersecurity.”

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Joining me and Matt will be Mike Johnson, CISO, Rivian.

It all starts at 1 PM Eastern/10 AM Pacific. At the end of the hour [2 PM Eastern/11 AM Pacific] we’ll switch gears to our meetup where everyone will get a chance to chat face to face.

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