If a company’s brand and value is built on trust, then your security department is critical to building the value of the company.

Check out this post and discussion for the basis of our conversation on this week’s episode which is co-hosted by me, David Spark (@dspark), the creator of CISO Series and Allan Alford (@AllanAlfordinTX), CISO at Mitel. Our guest for this episode is Scott McCool (@McCoolScott), former CIO of Polycomm.

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On this episode of Defense in Depth, you’ll learn:

  • When a business becomes an idea, the only thing that matters is the perceived value by the owners.
  • If you deem security is the business, then it no longer can take a consultative role. It must take the role of brand and value building.
  • Explicit value is generating or saving money. Implicit value is what drives those two opposite ends of the spectrum.
  • A security department shouldn’t be focused on trying to get more budget for themselves. They should see where they are in the value chain and at any given point in time they must fully understand the business and see which department could generate the most business value.
  • If you only lobby for the security department in terms of its importance for getting budget, and not lobby for the overall business then you will lose credibility with your partners within the business.