Here are six minutes of the best moments of “Hacking the Boardroom Meeting: An hour of critical thinking about communicating with the C-suite”.

This video is part of the CISO Series Video Chat series that’s held every available Friday at 10 AM Pacific.

Joining me in last week’s video chat was Gary Hayslip (@ghayslip), CISO, SoftBank Investment Advisers and cybersecurity consultant, Yael Nagler (@MavenYael).

Thanks to the following people for participating in the video (apologies, not all of you made it to the final edit): Christophe Foulon, Greg van der Gaast, Mark Butler, Renee Small, Chris Wolski, and Matt Winkeler.

Hashtag for the event is #HackingVideoChat.

Checkout the full video of the chat here.

Best quotes from the chat room

“You also want to make sure that there are no surprises for something that should have been communicated up.” – Chris Wolski, venture advisor, YL Ventures

“In regards to risk, using a SWOT approach puts the discussion in their wheelhouse.” – Ralph Page, IT risk and compliance manager, MRO Holdings

“I just give a score on Visibility (how much can we see), Capability (How much can we prevent/handle), Maturity, how holistic/repeatable/consistent/integrated is all this. 1-2 minute explanation around the scores, all they need once you have that trust.” – Greg van der Gaast, head of information security, The University of Salford

“And sometimes our peers are just awful at managing their risks.  Our risks our our own, I like to reframe it to keep that context.” – Jeff Kohrman, CEO, eCISO

“One of the first conversations with the board should be to determine Rules of Engagement i.e. what do they want to hear and how they want it delivered?” – Craig Hurter, Information Security Manager, Colorado Judicial Branch

“Great comment Yael; I setup monthly 1:1s with our CTO, GC, etc and walked them through my own ‘board’ presentation; they then became advocates.” – Brent Williams, CISO, SurveyMonkey

“Great point Yael! Create your own board is a great way to gain visibility.” – Renee Small, Cyber Human Capital

“Great suggestion, Yael! Our responsibility as a board member isn’t to micromanage. What we want to do is trust the leaders responsible for each function has the resources, knowledge and support to execute.” – Will Lin, partner, ForgePoint Capital