Here are seven minutes of the best moments of “Hacking the Email Pitch: An hour of critical thinking about security vendor’s very first outreach to a prospect.”

Watch the full one hour chat.

I was joined by Olivia Rose, CISO, Mailchimp and John Prokap, CISO, HarperCollins.

Thanks to the following people for participating in the video (apologies, not all of you made it to the final edit): Bryn Ossa, Bob Henderson, and Jeremy Boyd.

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Best quotes from the chat room

“It sounds like quid pro quo isn’t going to work: we’ll do this for you if you take a meeting. Whatever it is, time and attention cannot be bought and must be earned.” – Jim MacLeod, technical product marketing, Indeni

“Company ‘Careers’ pages have ben a goldmine for me in terms of uncovering priorities / projects / risks / tech stack etc. that you can use to tailor your outreach.” – Max Anderson, enterprise sales, Signal Sciences