Here are six 1/2 minutes of the best moments of “Hacking the Hiring Process: An hour of critical thinking on what we can actively improve about the process of hiring cybersecurity professionals”.

Here’s the full video with the chat.

This video is part of the CISO Series Video Chat series that’s held every available Friday at 10 AM Pacific.

Joining me on this episode were Brent Williams (@brentawilliams), CISO, SurveyMonkey, and Nick Falcone, CISO, University of Pennsylvania.

Thanks to the following people for participating in the video (apologies, not all of you made it to the final edit): Johnny, Christophe Foulon, Mark Eggleston, Deidre Diamond, @infosecjon.

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Best quotes from the chat room

“I’ve read several studies show that having requirements can gender code the posting. Males will apply if they feel they fit at least some, where females won’t apply unless they feel they meet most or all of the requirements.” – @infosecjon

“As of February 2019, there are 13 statewide bans and 10 local bans on salary history.” – Christophe Foulon, ConQuest Federal (quoting the site)

“Asking for salary in minority populations further instills the lower pay minorities have gotten in the past.” – Mark Eggleston, CISO, Health Partners Plans

“One-on-one meetings should assist in ensuring you have an engaged and motivated employees which should assist with retention.” – R. Mario Lopez, Associate Director, Corporate Engineering/Information Security, MetricStream

“Having people work on diverse projects may help stop people from being frustrated by working on one task all the time.” – Shrey Sunil Arora, intern, Independent Security Evaluators

“We find that the job is budgeted but not the budget to use a specialized cyber recruiter.” – Deidre Diamond, founder and CEO, CyberSN