How are DDoS Attacks Evolving?

DDoS (distributed denial of service) attacks have been around for a long time. Generally, they’ve been easy to spot because the bogus traffic was so obvious. But now it’s not so obvious. The traffic is masking as legitimate traffic which makes them that much harder to stop. While initially politically motivated, they’re also financially motivated and far often they’re smoke screens for more targeted attacks.

In this video I chat with Omer Yoachimik (@OmerYoahimik), product manager, Cloudflare who offers up some explanations as to what’s happening. It’s really just a tease for this Friday’s Super Cyber Friday event, “Hacking DDoS Trends: An hour of critical thinking about emerging threats in Distributed Denial of Service attacks.”

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Joining me and Omer for this discussion will be Chris Grundemann (@ChrisGrundemann), research category lead (networking and security), GigaOm.

It all starts at 1 PM Eastern/10 AM Pacific. At the end of the hour [2 PM Eastern/11 AM Pacific] we’ll switch gears to our meetup where everyone will get a chance to chat face to face.

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