Inventory Is the First Step to Building Cyber Resilience

So much of the conversation of cybersecurity has evolved into a discussion of cyber resilience. You can’t be secure, but you can withstand an attack and more importantly not let it bleed into other areas of your business.

To set yourself up for a cyber resilient program, said Russ Gordon, CISO, BorgWarner in our conversation at Black Hat 2022, first discover everything on network and segment operations from IT. And then within that, start segmenting those groups.

Nobody’s effort to discover assets is ever that easy. But this wasn’t easy because of the amount of Shadow IT that had operating in their environment. Wasn’t just various software apps, but rogue access points and Internet connections.

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David Spark is the founder of CISO Series where he produces and co-hosts many of the shows. Spark is a veteran tech journalist having appeared in dozens of media outlets for almost three decades.