We heavily depend on our audience for insight across all our programming. There is a lot of information on this page, and I’ve divided it up per interest. NOTE: We currently do not accept guest posts.

Fans of the CISO Series - Adrian Sanabria

Whenever you submit please let us know your name and company and whether you’d like us to credit you or not. By submitting here, you agree that we may use your submission for any of these promotional opportunities, and any derivative works that we may generate in the future, without further compensation to you except as expressly set out in any written submission or sponsorship agreement.

Below are plenty of different ways to participate. A few require you to fill a form, but in most cases you can just contact us. But if you have a question for the shows, why not record it?

Want to be on a show?

If you work for a security vendor or have your own security consultancy and would like to be on one of our shows, please review our sponsorship section for different ways to do that.

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Submit to Cyber Security Headlines

Got a great story or have you seen a great story online that you’d like to submit for consideration on Cyber Security Headlines? We’d love to hear it!

Before you submit be aware we don’t publish stories about product announcements, customer wins, events, or employee hiring/promotion.

Simply contact us with your great story and we’ll consider it.

Submit to CISO Series Podcast

  • We love questions you have for our CISOs and security experts.
  • Got a pitch you’d like us to critique? Go ahead and send it in. Keep it to about 60 words (30 seconds) and let us know if you want us to quote you or the company. You can submit anonymously.
  • We also love really fascinating stories and articles about cybersecurity.
  • Even better are heated online discussions about cyber.

“What Is It and Why Do I Care?”

This is a brand new game for CISO Series Podcast where we ask vendors to submit the best explanation of their category and what makes them unique. We’ll match companies in similar categories, and then our host David Spark will read the explanations (“What is it?”) and the differentiators (“Why do I care?”) to the CISOs all without revealing the names of the companies or the people who sent in the submissions. If the CISOs pick either response as their favorite, Spark will then reveal the names of the winners, but not the losers.

We’re looking forward to lots of security vendors participating in “What Is It and Why Do I Care?” It’s a fun risk-free way to try out your pitch and potentially get some kudos for your savvy skills explaining your technology.


“What’s Worse?!”

A fan favorite, this game has been a staple of the CISO Series Podcast since the earliest episodes. All you have to do is to send in two (or three) awful scenarios a CISO could face. Each option should be seemingly equal in their terribleness. This risk-based exercise pits our two CISOs to determine “What’s Worse?!”

Submit to Defense in Depth

For this show what we’re ultimately looking for is really heated discussions on anything in cybersecurity. If you started such a discussion, participated in one, or just read one online, go ahead and send us the link. We find some of the best debates are on LinkedIn and Twitter.


We appreciate all the incredibly nice things you’ve said over the years. After the first 100 unsolicited testimonials, we stopped collecting them. But don’t let that stop you from letting us know what you think about our shows (BTW, we can take constructive criticism as well).