We heavily depend on our audience for contributions for articles, videos, and the podcasts. Anyone can make a suggestion, but all recommendations should be within the editorial scope of the CISO/Security Vendor Relationship Series.

We love:

  • Story ideas
  • Questions for the podcasts
  • Links to really hot online discussions about cybersecurity
  • Audio comments, questions, and opinions for both podcasts
  • Introductions to fascinating CISOs and InfoSec leaders
  • Comments on any of our articles, videos, podcast episodes, newsletter, and webinars


NOTE: We do not turn on comments for blog posts on this site. Instead, we provide a link to where the article is shared on LinkedIn and invite readers to leave comments on LinkedIn.

Contribute to the Podcasts

If you’d like to contribute to the podcasts, please pitch an idea/question for any one of these segments. Please indicate whether or not you’d like be anonymous.

  • What do you think of this pitch? Vendors submit short 30-second pitches for our CISOs to critique.
  • How CISOs are digesting the latest security news: What current news story would you like to hear the CISOs’ take?
  • It’s time to play, “What’s Worse?!” A favorite of audiences and the CISOs. We present two very similar scenarios or security practices. Both are really bad. It’s up to Mike and our guests to decide. Do you have an interesting “What’s Worse?!” scenario to challenge our CISOs?
  • Why is everyone talking about this now? Commentary on an online post that’s caused a flurry of discussion.
  • It’s time for, “Ask a CISO”: Got a question for our CISOs?
  • It’s time for “Ask a Vendor”: Same idea, but a question for the vendors.
  • What aren’t you doing anymore: CISOs talk about security practices they no longer recommend or have abandoned.
  • Dumb CISO mistakes: Even the best CISOs make stupid mistakes. Specify a category of mistake.
  • First 90 days of a CISO: What can and should a CISO get done in the first three months on the job? How critical is it? It’s a challenging time. What specifically would you like to know?
  • Please, Enough. No, More. We pick a topic in security and ask the CISOs, “What have you heard enough on this topic, and what would you like to hear a lot more?”
  • Yipee! Look what came into my inbox: While CISOs have an ever flooding inbox, there is actually some email they look forward to. Emails fall into different categories. What category would you like to know about?
  • Government CISO vs. private sector CISO: The needs and capabilities of public and private sector CISOs are vastly different. Whenever we have the two on the show we examine different aspects of their roles and responsibilities.
  • What’s a CISO to do? We pose a hypothetical scenario for the CISOs and ask how they would handle such a situation.
  • Question for the board: How do CISOs handle themselves when talking to their board? What would you like to know?

Guest posting

At this point we have limited the stable of guest posters and are only accepting guest posts as part of our sponsorship program.