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Awesome. Your interest in sponsoring the CISO Series Podcast or Defense in Depth, guess what? This video will explain how sponsorship works on these two podcasts.

Now, to get the most recent prices and audience numbers contact me, David Spark, for the latest sponsorship package.

Okay, let’s jump to what is probably the primary reason you want to sponsor one of these shows. You’d like a representative from your company to be a guest on one of the podcasts. Once again, awesome. We’re happy to have vendors on our shows through sponsorship and we treat our vendor guests no differently than we treat any of our other guests.

Here’s how it works. If you sponsor three or more episodes of either CISO Series Podcast, or Defense in Depth. One of those three episodes can have a sponsored guest on for the entire episode.

For all episodes, sponsors receive the following, a 60- to 90-second sponsorship read that is read by me the host in the middle of the show. We also mention your company at the top and the bottom of the show. In addition, you get a banner ad, 50 words of copy, and a link which will appear on the CISO Series blog, our newsletter, and in the podcast feed. You’ll also get mentioned and tagged in our social media posts on Twitter and on LinkedIn.

As a bonus, all guests, even sponsor guests of either podcasts are invited to be members of our CISO Series, guest only, Slack group. This is an excellent and exclusive collection of CISOs and cybersecurity leaders who have appeared on these podcasts.

Okay, what’s the difference between the two podcasts and how do sponsored guests get the most out of their appearance? First, the podcast, the CISO Series Podcast is a 35-minute show comprised of five segments. The show is co-hosted by me and CISOs Andy Ellis and Mike Johnson. The show’s editorial is about the relationship between buyers and sellers of information security products. Plus, we talk about general cybersecurity issues. The job of working in cybersecurity, being a CISO, and hiring cybersecurity talent.

Our audiences split between practitioners and vendors. Now, of the practitioners who listen to the show, we have a significant number of CISOs, CIOs, CTOs, and VPs and directors of information security.

Since we only spend about five minutes on each topic, we never go in depth on anything. That is why we created our second show, Defense in Depth, which is a 25-minute discussion on a single topic in cybersecurity.

The show is co-hosted by me and CISOs, Steve Zalewski, formerly of Levi Strauss and Geoff Belknap of LinkedIn. We have one editorial mandate on Defense in Depth, and that is we only do topics that have proven audience interest. That’s achieved by basing each episode on a popular online discussion. We use the best comments in the thread as the outline for our recording.

For sponsored guest episodes on Defense in Depth, we work with the sponsor to come up with a topic that’s relevant for them and our audience. If we can’t find an existing online discussion on that topic, well, we will just create one, simple as that.

For sponsored guests on CISO Series Podcast, we dedicate one of our regular editorial segments to the sponsor. Traditionally, we do that in a segment called, “Please Enough, No, More.” Here’s how it works. Say your company’s category is firewalls. I would say to my co-host, what have you heard enough about firewalls and what would you like to hear a lot more? And then I would turn to the sponsored guest and ask the same question. This way you can tell your story within the editorial framework of our show, but do keep in mind that we fully disclose that our guest is a sponsor guest at the beginning of the show.

For the first half of the CISO Series Podcast, listeners get a chance to know the sponsored guests as they build rapport and thought leadership. When we arrive at the, “Please, Enough. No, More.” segment, the guests will have built a level of trust with the audience. In addition, I ask all guests of the CISO Series Podcast, sponsored or not, to let me know what topics they’re passionate about in cybersecurity that aren’t directly related to the product product they’re selling. If editorial appropriate, I try to work in as much of that into the show as possible.

One element I’m most proud of is the level of engagement we get from our fantastic community. Our listeners provide wonderful contributions and feedback on every single item that we post on LinkedIn.

In addition, we can produce bonus content that is part of our premium sponsorship package. Just cost a little bit more to get additional branding and messaging in a few highly digestible formats.

First, separate from the podcast, we produce a one-on-one video interview with a sponsored representative which is posted on our blog and on YouTube. We also convert that segment into a sponsored transcript.

All those assets: video file, caption file, thumbnail image, and PDF are delivered to you for you to host on your own site like on your blog or media page.

In addition, for all episodes we produce three meme quotes from the episode. Premium sponsors get to sponsor these memes. This includes their logo and being mentioned and tagged in our posts on LinkedIn and on Twitter.

That’s it. Please check out our other programs as well. We have Cyber Security Headlines, Super Cyber Friday and Capture the CISO. As always, thank you for your interest in the CISO Series podcasts. This video should have answered most of your questions. For everything else, such as the latest pricing and audience information, please contact me, David Spark, for the most recent sponsorship package.

And if you’re not ready to sponsor, that’s quite all right. There are plenty of ways to get involved that don’t require sponsorship. More information on CISOseries.com. We are open to all feedback, even critical feedback. Our shows get better. Thanks to your involvement.