CISO/Security Vendor Relationship Podcast

The CISO/Security Vendor Relationship Podcast aims to enlighten and educate listeners on improving security buyer and seller relationships. Whether you’re a buyer, user, or seller of security products, this show is for you. At 30 minutes, this weekly program challenges the co-hosts, guests, and listeners to critique, share true stories, and reveal in hypothetical scenarios, “what would you do?”

Co-hosted by the creator of the CISO/Security Vendor Relationship Series, David Spark, and Mike Johnson, former CISO of Lyft, this show has quickly become very popular receiving rave reviews from fellow InfoSec professionals.

David Spark and Mike Johnson

Defense in Depth promises clear talk on cybersecurity’s most controversial and confusing debates.

Once a week we choose one controversial and popular cybersecurity debate and use the InfoSec community’s insights to lead our discussion.

The show is co-hosted by David Spark (@dspark), the creator of CISO Series, and Allan Alford (@AllanAlfordinTX), Delivery CISO at NTT DATA Services.

Allan Alford and David Spark

On LinkedIn and within the cybersecurity community, Mike Johnson and Allan Alford are beloved and outspoken advocates of InfoSec ideals, trying to make our networks, data, employees, and users safer.

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CISO/Security Vendor Relationship Podcast

Defense in Depth

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