Cyber Security Headlines is a short form podcast (6 minutes) delivering stories from the world of information security every weekday at 6 AM ET.

Each show includes 8-10 headlines with brief descriptions. Our posts for each episode include links to the stories.

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We have a team of great reporters working on the podcast.

Steve Prentice is the sponsored segment producer for the CISO Series. You can hear his voice on all three podcasts in our network. In addition to his focus in cybersecurity, Prentice also writes about how human beings interface with technology.

Lisa Vaas is a legendary tech journalist having written for many publications with a focus on databases and cybersecurity. Most notably she’s appeared on Sophos’ Naked Security blog and also a frequent writer for eWEEK magazine even back in the early days when it was PC WEEK.

Rich Stroffolino is a podcaster, editor and writer based out of Cleveland, Ohio. He’s spent the past five years creating media for technology enthusiasts and IT practitioners. He dreams of someday writing the oral history of Transmeta. 

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CISO/Security Vendor Relationship Podcast

The CISO/Security Vendor Relationship Podcast is the show that launched the CISO Series back in June, 2018. We refer to it as couples therapy for security practitioners. In addition, much of our editorial revolves around the job of working in cybersecurity and being a InfoSec leader. At 35 minutes, this weekly program challenges the co-hosts, guests, and listeners to critique, share true stories, and reveal in hypothetical scenarios, “what would you do?”

The show is co-hosted by David Spark (@dspark), and Mike Johnson, former CISO of Lyft and now CISO for Fastly, this show has quickly become very popular receiving rave reviews from fellow InfoSec professionals.

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David Spark and Mike Johnson

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Defense in Depth promises clear talk on cybersecurity’s most controversial and confusing debates.

Once a week we choose one controversial and popular cybersecurity debate and use the InfoSec community’s insights to lead our discussion.

The show is co-hosted by David Spark (@dspark), the creator of CISO Series, and one of a rotating group of cybersecurity practitioners.

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