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At its most base level, cybersecurity is about preventing attacks. The marketplace is filled with solutions that can make attacks visible or let you know if there are intruders in your system. But that’s really just a gateway to hopeful prevention or at least knowing that you have been hacked and now you have to contain and/or remediate.

At Cybertech 2020 in Tel Aviv, I spoke with Ronen Yehoshua, CEO, Morphisec about how their solution is actually preventing attacks even when they don’t know what the attack is. Their defense targets the payload/application that comes in and essentially “morphs” or alters the malicious file it so it’s not capable of even executing.

Yehoshua said the company has been growing dramatically and that will hopefully be even bigger with their new partnership with Microsoft Windows Defender to offer a one-stop security management solution.

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Detection-based security technologies are by definition reactive, responding to threats after they’ve hit. Morphisec takes an offensive strategy to advanced attacks, dismantling the attack pathways to prevent an attack from ever landing. No detection, no hunting, no clean-up. Watch the on-demand webinar to see how it works. More at

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