Seven Explanations for the Need to Secure Third-Party Integrations

It’s hard to truly explain the importance third-party applications have on our security. But, Alon Jackson, co-founder and CEO, Astrix Security does it deftly. In fact, I threw at him lots of bizarre ways to explain it and he handled all of them. Securing third-party integrations is not easy.

This is though but a tease for this Friday’s, July 22nd, 2022, Super Cyber Friday event where we’ll be discussing “Hacking Third-Party Integrations: An hour of critical thinking about securing apps that talk to other apps.”

Please join us on Friday July 22nd, 2022 for Super Cyber Friday

The whole event starts at 1 PM ET/10 AM PT.

Joining me and Alon will be Olivia Rose, CISO, vp of IT and security, Amplitude.

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