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Six Explanations of Cyber Risk Quantification in 90 Seconds

I asked Jack Freund (@jackfreund3), who is the vp of cyber risk quantification at BitSight, to explain cyber risk quantification in multiple ways, such as in 15 seconds, like Vincent Price, and as if he’s trying to get out of a traffic ticket. I did not give Jack any of these topics beforehand. He simply responded with his best answer. And in the end he was able to give me six great and not-so-great explanations of cyber risk quantification in only a minute and half.

For a more detailed explanation and discussion of cyber risk quantification, please join our CISO Series Video Chat that’s going to be happening this Friday, December 3rd, 2021: “Hacking Cyber Risk Quantification: An hour of critical thinking about how to measure your company’s exposure.” REGISTER.

Also joining us for the conversation will be Nick Espinosa (@NickAEsp), host of nationally syndicated show The Deep Dive with Nick Espinosa, and his daily podcast is called Nick’s Nerd News Daily.

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