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Marketing needs delivered by CISO Series programs

Our sponsorship programs are specifically designed to satisfy specific marketing goals. Look at the list below to see which items pertain to your company’s marketing efforts.

1: We want leads. The easiest and fastest way to get opt-in registrations is by sponsoring our weekly Super Cyber Friday. Another method is to sponsor any of the other programs but make sure to include a call to action in the sponsorship.

Sponsor CISO Series

2: We want to tell our story (AKA we want our CEO/rep on the show): If you sponsor three episodes or more of CISO Series Podcast or Defense in Depth, one of those episodes can have a sponsored guest on for the entire show. OR, you can sponsor a single episode of Super Cyber Friday and get a sponsored guest on the entire show.

3: We want more exposure. Any of our podcasts can do that. Currently, the most popular in terms of downloads is Cyber Security Headlines, then CISO Series Podcast, and then Defense in Depth. The strongest value these shows hold is their longevity. We still are seeing downloads for shows that are two, three, and four years old.

Sponsor CISO Series Shows

4: We want thought leadership. Best way to accomplish this is through an appearance on one of our shows (see #2 above). We treat our sponsored guests no differently than non-sponsored guests, giving you an opportunity to connect with the audience through engaging in our show formats, rather than through a forced sponsor pitch.

5: We want something affordable. Right now, that’s Cyber Security Headlines. You’re looking at lots of downloads and lots of impressions across blog, podcast, and daily newsletter.

Sponsor CISO Series Shows

6: We want our message heard multiple times (in a week). Any repeat sponsorship will allow you to do just that, but probably best to sponsor a week of Cyber Security Headlines which will allow your message to be heard six times in one week (five daily and our Week in Review show). Astonishingly, we get downloads of this daily news show months afterwards.

7: We want to own a topic. Our “Topic Takeover” program is designed for just that. We create a combination of media programs all focused on a singular topic. Another option is Defense in Depth with a sponsored guest. In those cases we work with the sponsor to come up with a topic that will resonate with our audience and your mission.

Sponsor CISO Series Shows

8: We want to engage with the audience. Best bet is our weekly live Super Cyber Friday events. In addition, we do a meetup portion afterwards which allows for face time with fellow security professionals. Other option is our Defense in Depth podcast where we also get a lot of engagement through the topics posted on LinkedIn.

9. We want to be visible in search and social media. Best bet is our “Topic Takeover” program which offers a slew of content across multiple media, but is anchored by a tip article with lots of advice from many security professionals. These articles do very well in search often for years after the article is published.