Sponsoring Super Cyber Friday

Here is a three and a half minute video that should answer most of your questions regarding sponsorship of our live Friday show, Super Cyber Friday.

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Hello, I’m David Spark, producer of the CISO Series and host of our fun and engaging show, Super Cyber Friday.

This video is gonna explain how sponsorship works for this show. Now, to get the most recent prices, contact me, David Spark, for the latest sponsorship package.

And if you haven’t participated yet in one of our Super Cyber Fridays please register for an upcoming event. Experience the fun of engaging with our extremely lively community of cybersecurity professionals. Just head on over to our “Events” page on CISOseries.com to see all our upcoming virtual and in-person events.

Super Cyber Fridays are an open and thoughtful discussion on one topic related to cybersecurity and they are live events held every available Friday at 1:00 PM Eastern, 10:00 AM Pacific.

I host all the chats along with two security experts. One guest can be a representative from the sponsoring company and the other a non-vendor security practitioner who could be a customer of the sponsor.

We work with the sponsor to come up with a topic that will resonate with our audience.

The show is filled with probing questions from me and our audience, plus we break it up with lots of games such as the “Department of YES,” “I Object,” and “That Totally SOCs.” Super Cyber Fridays are actually two shows in one. The conversation that’s happening on video and the one that’s happening in the very active chatroom.

Joey Johnson, who is the CISO over at Premise Health said of Super Cyber Friday, “The dynamic structure where the audience is engaging live gives you a true sense of how highly respected leaders think on their feet when presented with complex or challenging scenarios… And it’s just fun which is something we need more of in such a pressure cooker of an industry.”

You get a lot when you sponsor Super Cyber Friday. We expose your brand and the chat event over multiple weeks. First, we produce a promotional video to drive people to register for the event. Then, well, we have the actual event and at the end of the hour we host a meetup where attendees get face-to-face time with each other and the sponsor. After the event, we deliver the sponsor opt-in registrations plus the chat log, so you can see what the audience was saying, while we were having the chat. One week following Super Cyber Friday, we post a series of highlighted moments from the chat.

All of that content and the relevant promotion, with your sponsorship are published to our blog, newsletter, LinkedIn channels, YouTube, and Twitter. That’s it, the video should have answered most of your questions. For everything else, such as the latest pricing, well, you gotta contact me, David Spark, for the most recent sponsorship package.

And if you’re not ready to sponsor yet, it’s quite all right Please just come to our next available Super Cyber Friday and see how fun it is. Head to our events page and register. We go live every available Friday at 1:00 PM Eastern, 10:00 AM Pacific. Thank you again for your interest in Super Cyber Friday.