We’re fortunate to have dedicated fans. Below are a few highlighted testimonials of the more than 100+ unsolicited reviews we’ve received. You can also read the reviews for the podcast on iTunes:

“They are awesome articles and really address a key theme which exists in our industry today. CISOs are feeling disenfranchised by vendors and their methods to engage, and vendors feel equally confused about what approaches to take.”

– Matt Baxter, Business Development Leader, Rapid7

“Great article sir – thanks for helping both security leaders and those who are trying to help us protect our organizations!”

– Randall Frietzsche, CISO, Denver Health

“This is a really good and concise representation of the problem! Thank you for putting this together! Great content! I sent the links over to my peers.”

– Kevin Black, Security Sales Specialist at Fujitsu America

“Your videos are refreshing though. Usually you get anti-vendor rants or our security sucks rants. Yours actually make it look like we have an actual symbiotic community.”

– Christopher Gerritz, Co-Founder & CPO, Infocyte, Inc.