Trying to Investigate When the Data No Longer Exists

If you’re spinning up ephemeral instances and containers that live and die in just minutes, your ability to investigate a possible intrusion lives and dies in just a few minutes. The answer is to automate the analysis so you actually do have the ability to go back and investigate, noted James Campbell (@someIRguy), CEO/co-founder, Cado Security. It’s all a tease for this Friday’s Super Cyber Friday where we’re going to investigate cloud forensics.

Please join us on Friday, January 27th, 2023 for Super Cyber Friday. REGISTER here.

Our topic of discussion will be “Hacking Cloud Forensics: An hour of critical thinking about conducting incident response in complex and transient data environments.”

Also joining me and James for the discussion will be J.R. Tietsort, CISO, Aura.

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