WEBINAR (9/20/19): Are Cybersecurity Sales Incentives Helping or Hurting the Industry?

In this round table webinar we’ll discuss what are the current incentive structures for cybersecurity sales. How do salespeople take on that charge at different levels within the organization? What is working and what should be thrown into the garbage? Is there something new that should be measured, and how can long term successes be better quantified?

DATE: September 20th, 2019 at 10 AM Pacific/1 PM Eastern


The CISO Series round table webinars are an open discussion where we welcome all viewers and listeners to become participants. Please get your webcam and microphone ready and if you have a question or comment at any time during the discussion, let it be known in the chat room and our producer will do his best to get as many of you into the conversation.

David Spark is the founder of CISO Series where he produces and co-hosts many of the shows. Spark is a veteran tech journalist having appeared in dozens of media outlets for almost three decades.