When marketers and salespeople from security firms are questioned as to who they want to reach, CISOs are unquestionably the desired target.

“We want to reach CISOs.”

CISOs are viewed as the only gatekeepers for cybersecurity product purchasing. Therefore, if you want to sell a cybersecurity product you should sell to them and only them. That may or may not be misguided thinking, but a successful sale for a security vendor can net a six-to-seven figure win. With potentially gains so high and the desire for a CISO’s attention so scarce, many vendors have shifted into desperation. If a CISO is your only sales target, their attention is critical for corporate survival.

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Asymmetrical relationship between buyers and sellers of cybersecurity products

If thousands of security vendors are pitching only to CISOs you can see the obvious problem. Unfortunately, it’s getting worse. The addressable audience of CISOs is small and relatively fixed. That’s not the case with security vendors. Their audience is growing, and it’s not clear if the market for security products can sustain this many companies.

Security vendors and CISOs, the security buyers, need each other to create secure environments for their company and their customers. But now that there’s a severe imbalance in the relationship, a lot of animosity has grown between the two parties. The CISO/Security Vendor Relationship Series and podcast aims to quell the frustration and look at different ways the two groups can work together better, improve communication, and come up with solutions to improve everybody’s security.

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