We’re Not Fooled By Your Diversity Theater

We’re casting for our diversity theater program on the latest episode of CISO/Security Vendor Relationship Podcast.

This episode is hosted by me, David Spark (@dspark), producer of CISO Series and founder of Spark Media Solutions and Mike Johnson. Our guest this week is Matt Conner, CISO, National Geospatial Intelligence Agency.

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On this week’s episode

How CISOs are digesting the latest security news

If you thought tech firms were abysmal with diversity hiring, it appears venture capital firms are even worse. In a Washington Post article by Nitasha Tiku, just 1 percent of VC dollars went to black start-up founders in 2018, and that same year and percentage reflects the number of black decision-makers at VC firms as well. With the scrutiny turned up, small minority-focused funds have spurned, and there has been some cosmetic title inflation of minority employees at VC firms, but black tech entrepreneurs are brushing it off as diversity theater. What opportunities and money are VC firms leaving on the table by not taking diversity seriously? What should VC firms do to prove that their efforts are not diversity theater?

We don’t have much time. What’s your decision?

Interesting question on reddit by throwawaycostam who asks, “How do you create easy to memorize, yet relatively strong passwords?” A password manager is first and foremost recommended, but there are cases where you do have to remember a few passwords, like the one to get into your password manager and desktop screen lock. If you have to memorize five really good complex passwords, what technique do you recommend to create those passwords?

What’s Worse?!

Is clueless better than not being engaged?

It’s time for “Ask a CISO”

On a previous episode, CISO, Dennis Leber, now with University of Tennessee Health Science Center, but previously with a state government agency said there’s no perfect pitch a vendor could make to him that would facilitate a sale. Heck, he couldn’t even write the perfect pitch to himself that would work. We know the government is a different beast when it comes to procurement. What are the stumbling blocks vendors need to concern themselves when pitching a government agency?

We’ve got listeners and they’ve got questions

Jesse Rosenbaum of Varonis brought a job posting to my attention that showed requests for extremely specific experiences with different applications. Jesse asks, does the listing the name of products or protocols you’re using expose the company to additional security risks? Isn’t this the reason so many customers of security vendors are not willing to give testimonials? But if they’re putting these products and protocols in job descriptions, isn’t this the same darn thing?

David Spark is the founder of CISO Series where he produces and co-hosts many of the shows. Spark is a veteran tech journalist having appeared in dozens of media outlets for almost three decades.