We’ve got so much data we’ve got to liquidate. Whatever private information you want – location, purchase history, private messages – we’ve got it! Call us now before our users realize what we’re doing.

Your privacy, unleashed, on the latest episode of CISO/Security Vendor Relationship Podcast.


Suzie Smibert, CISO, Finning International

This show, like all the previous ones is hosted by me, David Spark (@dspark), founder of Spark Media Solutions and Mike Johnson, CISO of Lyft. Our guest this week is Suzie Smibert, CISO of Finning International.


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On this episode

Why is everybody talking about this now?

Oh Facebook, not again. Appears they were paying teenagers for the right to snoop on their phone. The most telling part of this story is that this app was activated by clicking a button that said, “Trust.” How does Facebook’s untrustworthy behavior affect a CISO’s ability to maintain trust with their audience?

How are CISOs digesting the latest security news?

From the UK, the Cyber Skills Impact Fund will receive a nice boost of £500,000 to attract more people to cybersecurity, but specifically a diverse workforce. We have talked at great length about the need to have a diverse security staff, and Mike has said on a previous show that not having diversity actually makes you less secure because you fall into “one think.” How does a diverse staff change the thinking dynamic of your security team?

It’s time to play “What’s Worse?!”

We play two rounds of the game. One round is far more challenging than the other.

Ask a CISO

Tip of the hat to Schaefer Marks of ProtectWise for his suggestion about RSA pitching. I’m starting to get RSA meeting requests. They all follow the same format: assuming we’re getting ready, and asking if we would like a meeting with a VP, CEO, some expert. We discuss what pre-event pitching we like and don’t like.

What do you think of this pitch?

We have two pitches, one that’s pretty good, and one that’s disastrous.

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