What Does Trust Mean in Security? – Black Hat 2019

Security is about trust, but there are oh so many definitions of trust as evidenced by my interviews at Black Hat 2019 in Las Vegas. We barely scratched the surface of this subject, but all the varied answers gives you a very clear idea how complicated the subject of trust is, and that there are an endless variety of answers by company and person.

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The following people appear in this video:

Jon Garside, Securonix
Louis DeWeaver, Northwood University
Sandy Lindsey, University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture
Barbara Bridges, Empower Cyber
Matt Pozun, Verisign
Kyle Rippee, Shutterfly
Sharon Vardi, Trusona
Gina Osmond, DigiCert
Bruce Schneier, “Click Here to Kill Everybody”
Carley Armentrout, memoryBlue
Anna Garcia, Kenna Security
Mike Johnson, CISO/Security Vendor Relationship Podcast
Andrew Fennessy, IBM
Robert Edward Grant, Crown Sterling
Robb Reck, Ping Identity
Brooke Davis, Google
Jessie Gabris, memoryBlue
Paul Lanzi, Remediant
Jeff Williams, Contrast Security
Sarah Jacks, CyberARK
Ed Enzmann
Lisa Gilpin, Google
Richard Blech, Secure Channels
Kendrick Trotter, Radware
Gary Hayslip, SoftBank Investment Advisors