What’s the Longest Your Business Can Be Offline?

While we never like to think about it, it’s important to know how long your computing systems and connectivity can be down before your business hits crisis mode or ceases being a business. This is a must know for disaster recovery and business continuity reasons. One CISO told me a story of a company he was with that said they could be down for 48 hours until a 48 hour outage actually happened and they realized they couldn’t be down for even two hours.

And that’s not the only issue you have to worry about.

“Big disparity between what the business would tell you is how long they can operate without IT and how long IT needs to recover the critical systems,” said Saša Zdjelar (@sasazdjelar), svp, enterprise security, Salesforce.

Watch the video as Saša Zdjelar provides tips on how to sequence out a priority based solution for bringing the business back online.

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