What’s the Next Thing I Should Do to Improve My Security Posture?

The Internet, security vendors, and your cybercolleagues are awash with advice on how to improve your security program. All of them are wrong. The only one who truly knows is you, and specifically what malicious intruders can do to your defenses. This was the discussion I had with Dan DeCloss (@wh33lhouse), CEO, PlexTrac. It was all a tease for this Friday’s Super Cyber Friday discussion, “Hacking Your Security Program: An hour of critical thinking of what you should do next to improve your security posture.”

Please join us on Friday, February 10, 2023 for Super Cyber Friday. REGISTER HERE.

Joining me and Dan for this discussion will be Carraig Stanwyck, vp, global cybersecurity and compliance, Avnet.

The event starts at 1 PM Eastern/10 AM Pacific. At the end of the hour (2 PM Eastern/11 AM Pacific) we’ll switch gears to our meetup where everyone will get a chance to chat face to face.

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