Why Current Events Can and Will Affect Your Security Posture

Even though it may not be important to you right now, what’s happening in the news is important to someone or some nation. Therefore, you can be caught up in issues that are currently relevant. In this video, Casey Ellis (@caseyjohnellis), founder and CTO, Bugcrowd and I talk about the different ways that current events can affect your security. Situations such as:

  • The current news is referenced in a phishing attempt
  • Your computer is compromised for a botnet attack
  • Your business is some part of critical infrastructure that is of interest to a nation state
  • Or, an organization needs to raise money so they deploy ransomware

This video is just a tease for a longer discussion we’re going to have on this very subject for our Super Cyber Friday event on Friday, July 29th, 2022. Our topic of discussion will be “Hacking Current Events: An hour of critical thinking about how what’s happening in the world can and will affect your security program.” 

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Joining me and Casey for this discussion will be Katie Paxton-Fear (@InsiderPhD), lecturer in cybersecurity, Manchester Metropolitan University.

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